This was the prototype designed by our team Innouniverse for the design thinking for the startup’s module. The day when our lecturer Miss Janja told us to redesign a product or service everyone in the class stuck and tensed. This was our first pitch to develop a product or a prototype. As the Managing Director of my team, I was really worried about the task and thought how to pitch into the development.

Although we had a tight schedule for the assignments of the other modules. Our team members joined hands for building the product. We shared our different ideas and thoughts of different designs but we couldn`t figure out, what to do exactly.

Identifying a real problem

Even though we shared many problems with different products, but those problems were not a real problem for its users. Then I brought a real problem which I had faced during the shifting of my home. The problem was that to lift the heavy furniture’s like the wardrobe and the tables and I was alone at home.

Finding the solution

Once we got the idea, we team members had started to think about what will be the real solution to solve this problem of shifting the heavy furniture. We friends came up with different ideas and suddenly we got an idea, we will be putting a heavy steel wheel, which would help anyone to move the furniture by themselves.

Designing and building the prototype

Slide2Even though we had framed our idea, our next step is to pitch into the building of the prototype. For this, we had taken the designs of the wheels available currently in the market. Then we started to redesign, during the building of our product we were stuck in many areas like to make wheel role and what are the components used for building our product. Finally, we got the product wheelit done. The wheelit is a product that can be fitted into any heavy furniture, the wheelit has a steel base and it would be standing on this base, during this position the wheels will be staying on the upper portion of the base. For moving the furniture, wheels of the wheelit has to be pulled down by a lever with our hands. At this position, the base will be moved upward direction and the wheels touch the floor. This mechanism makes the wheels stays safe, even though the furniture is so heavy. To stop the wheels one should again pull the wheel to the upward direction so that the wheels go up and the base come down.

Presenting to the class

Slide3As every team had completed with their prototype. The lecturer Miss Janja had asked the teams to present a prototype in front of the class. This is to demonstrate how the product works and what problem or need it to solve. So most of the team members had done their job well. Even though this was our first presentation to the class, our team had also done a great job. We had created a prototype and also a powerpoint presentation for explaining our product. Completing this task makes all the team members more confident and enthusiastic.

Fazil’s Reflective Essay: A Note to Future Self

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-24 at 4.42.03 PM (1)

Belonging from a humble family, I had my roots in India. Learnt tricks of business from my father, earnt values of life from my mother, I, Fazil Abbas had a dream to go abroad and pursue my postgraduation courses. Luck favoured me and I landed up in Kingston University of London. During this course of time, understanding the change, difference in habits and values, difference in the education system and living style, taught me something which solely books couldn’t have taught. I have started my journey in September to pursue MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. There was a massive change in the environment, mostly because of change in the learning process from India, but the help of lecturers, librarians, the staff members and some of my fellow colleagues had made me comfortable to a great extent. From sharing food to being there with each other in the learning process it has been an amazing journey till date.

The course I had been enrolled for had soke amazing faculty members. Namely, Dr. Eva Sakellariou, who used to take classes on Entrepreneurship and Growth of Innovative Businesses, Peter Martin Da Silva who takes classes on International Business and Janja Song who takes brainstorming and innovative modules on Design Thinking for Start-ups. The University has also actively helped its students to learn extra skills, English Language and a few other foreign languages.  Adjusting with the harsh and cold climate was a way of learning at the University. The learning pattern is different here. Instead of semesters and exams, I have to appear for live projects and daily assignments. My brother’s friend, Mr. Nabeel, who also happens to be a professor in the University gave me tips and instructed me with few guidelines and enlightened me on how to learn actively in the university. Library is a very favourite place of mine. Not only does it help me in my courses but also in a wide array of things and its because of my active participation in library, I have learnt a lot of things. I made quite good friends who go by the name of Rahath, Bettina, Shivani and Hamza. They have helped me and supported me a lot during every phase. During this time, I also had the opportunity to stand as a campus representative but I could not get through because I lacked support of 45 votes. Overall, I actually had gained a lot of popularity by including myself in various excursions, group projects, my relations with the Union Presidents and the members. I had taken an active interest in The Yanya which has had helped me to understand the values and responsibilities which one needs to understand when working in a team work.

I often blogged down about different experiences I had come across. Be it the first day of mine in the college or be it the first visit to a fair or museum. The first project I had in my hand was that of Wheelit where me along with a small group was given the responsibility to design a product so that transporting things which were heavy like wardrobes and refrigerators were easy to move when there an individual was alone of people were shifting their residence from one place to another. Designing the prototype with the help of the lecturer, Miss Janja, it was one of a rollercoaster ride. Getting success in the first project gave not only me but also the other fellow members a lot of confidence and enthusiasm.




Although I happened to join a bit late for my courses, I still had the opportunity to participate in Hackathon Competition and hence had an opportunity to visit the design and science museum in London. I came across guest lecturers who very briefly yet very nicely discussed about intellectual property rights and also gave a brief outline about their country in Ireland. I still have a good recollection when I think of the first teamwork project I had to do. Those were one of the lecture classes of Miss Janja who started discussions about Nike Air Max 97. It was one of the unique shoe stories I had come across! The task assigned to us was even more challenging. We had to go through the university and search for the perfect pair of shoes which has the best characteristic. We happened to have stumbled across a person having worn a boot which had unique characteristic of being a leather boot yet being waterproof and fireproof. When the class commenced, there was a thorough explanation which the team members had to give after which we were suppose to build a model of the shoe and present it in front of the whole class and Miss Janja. Then there was an amazing experience I had to witness range of stuffs and products on a visit to the Science museum. There was a special exhibition going on featuring the Artificial Intelligence. We were assigned in different teams and were made to create small presentations on what caught our attention and on the relevancy we found. It was one of the overwhelming experiences I had. Coming across the theme as well the reason and purpose they serve I wondered how great has science helped people to flourish. Also, being a motor enthusiast since childhood days, I came across a section which focussed on the motor vehicles and their innovation. I was so happy to see them and I also ended up taking a couple of pictures with it.




In the course of time, I learned about lean canvas template and I had taken a great deal of knowledge from my lecturers since it highlighted on how design-based start-ups can get momentum in the current market. Learning about the various channels of this model, helped me to clear my concept more on different sections which needs focus during the start-ups. A brief tour of the design museum which was also organized by Miss Janja helped us learn about how to develop and design simple products. Over there we were asked to handpick some of the various innovative products displayed. Me and my other friends after having a thorough analysis on why we chose the product. Learning from the simplicity, the innovativeness which people had which is helping people on a different level was very exciting to see. It gave a different motivation to me and I always will be indebted to Miss Janja for guiding us so well. Not only we learnt but at the same time it generated a lot of interest in us.




In course of time, I had to do the first business pitch and so I came up with the idea of Funfit. This aimed at not only keeping people together, like in a workplace but also recuing laziness and becoming active. It was board game I designed with different cards which had interactive tasks written on them. The players had to roll their dice and do what was instructed and those who were successful in doing the tasks, were held winners. Having a brief study on how the population is sitting at a single place and working which is lowering their activity quotient and increasing obesity and other health problems, this was, I though a good way to engage the mindfulness spirit of the players. It for sure had an amazing positive impact since it not only promoted well being of people by engaging them I physical activity but also let the other people know about the different traits and characteristics of the players. Engaging a forum for marketing the product on social media handles, keeping a track of leads, keeping a track of events and popularity and traffic was indeed a hectic task and I learnt a lot in this while. Be it collective responsibility taking or managing the different sectors. From manufacturing, marketing, having an analysis and reaching out to the target customers was a challenge but I was successful in making the idea stand out among others and emerge successful. Handling finance of the idea and allocating the profits in its promotion, its customization, its marketing is a tough job. Slowly and steadily as I got acquainted with the process, I gained confidence and I set up goals to achieve over a brief period of time. A team was set up with the motive of promotion of well being of people in a joyful and interactive manner. As a part of FunFit, I wanted that this brand grows even more and provides more services and goods in this sector. A small group of people including me took up the responsibility to widen the horizon of this project. Finding target audience was one of them. Financing was another. We learnt a lot about fundraising and actively included it in our work. Overall, it was a brilliant experience to work in the team where sharing as well as management of all the work with proper discussion was important for the growth of the company





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Our Goals, Our Lessons learned and Our Future Dreams



We at FunFit had a lot of objectives and goals that we decided to achieve, working in The market of the UK. We formulated different strategies and planned for increase in future sales of our product in the UK market. From the experience that we had  from selling the board game at the trade fair it was clear that we had faces the challenges only because we did not emphasize much on planning ,more importantly, financial planning. But we were clear with the idea of producing more products in the health sector only .There were a number of strategies that were in our priority list.First was research.We decided on doing a thorough market research in order to find out the target customers for the products that we were planning to manufacture and also figure out the needs and demands of the customers so that we could keep those features in mind when manufacturing a new product. Next was the financial aspect. Since source of funding is a challenge in the initiation, we decided to collect money through crowd funding like the kickstarter. We knew that crowd funding online would help us reach more people who would be interested to fund the company for its future development and production of various products.Next was developing the idea of selling products online. Selling products online attracts more customers and also does not limit the reach of its potential  customers. The last but most important factor in selling a product is marketing of the products. A product might have lot of interesting features. The quality of the product might be excellent and it may also offer a lot of health benefits but until and unless proper marketing of the product is not done,its qualities, features are going to be of no use. The product has be marketed well in order for the target customers to know about its existence. One not so expensive way of doing product marketing is social media marketing. With millions of people using different social media handles every minute, it is very convenient, hassle free and also cost effective for a startup to do the marketing of its products  through social media. Social media would help a company to not only do the marketing of its products but it will also help the company to communicate with the people across the globe constantly which would help it create target customers for itself and also get an idea of the kind of products customers are expecting to be manufactured. Even though the objective of providing customers with products related to health and wellness is a unique concept, but proper market research and planning of different marketing strategies Is even more important to materialize the unique concept. Different policies like the marketing policy, price policy need to be formulated and implemented well in advance for the company’s operations to run smoothly. The company should also have a proper reserve that can be used for any unwanted losses that may arise in the process of sales.

As a Team, we understand it is very difficult to handle the finance of a company



Financial management strategies are a crucial part of an organization’s performance. In our case, the most unfortunate part of the whole project was the fact of not achieving the financial target even after a lot of well sought financial planning, atleast as we thought. Financial management strategies and planning are very important for operations of any organization. If financial planning is not done properly it may affect the other planning of the organization and its operations,like formulation of different marketing strategies .Initially we planned to produce a number of board games at a decided cost and sell them at a decided price but later we had to reduce the selling price because of the defects that arose in the final stage of production of the board game. Even though we had a plan made for our finances well in advance but when the time came for execution, we realized that the financial planning had to be done in a better and more effective way. The planning that we had done was not up to the mark. While planning the financial management we did not consider the real situation which might crop up as it happened in our case. The only positive thing that happened out of all this was that we were able to sell two units of the board game which was actually an unfinished product. We received positive feedback from the customers who bought our products and from those also who attended the fair and played and experienced the game as well. In order to manufacture any product, a lot of investment goes into procurement of its parts. In case of Funfit too,there were a lot of expenses that had to be incurred before selling the product to the customers in different stages from its manufacturing to sales. The company invested a lot of money in getting the manufactured products from abroad and a considerable amount of money went into it. It even invested a lot of money in branding and other promotional activities of the game at the Trade Fair, expecting to sell at least half of the produced 20 units of the product ,still it ended up selling only two units of the product. To recover the losses the company had faced, it sold its shares to the members which accumulated a fairly good amount, but given the amount of investment that the company made on the branding, marketing and promotional activities and other operations involved in production to sale of the products, company ultimately faced a loss of a fairly good amount. From this the company learned the need of proper planning in all aspects efficiently in order to achieve the desired goals of the company. The members of the company realized the flaws in the planning of current marketing strategies and the need for formulating new and effective planning of different marketing strategies for smooth operations of the company and for achieving the future goals of the company.

How as a team we coverup the Sales AND Branding of Funfit


We introduced Funfit at the Eden Street Trade Fair which was organized by the Kingston University. We were excited as it was for the first time that we were introducing a product in front of so many people through a trade fair. Nothing works better than direct customer feedback.As we brought the product in front of the people for the first time, we connected directly with the customers and interacted with them with an aim to get their feedback. Proper branding was our priority. We knew that proper branding will help us create a long lasting impact on mind of the people who visited our stall.We wanted people to remember our product, know about the unique concept of healthy gaming,selling was secondary  We followed some branding techniques like giving them firsthand knowledge of using the product for which we explained them everything about the game and gave them a chance to play it themselves. The concept of a game with healthy outcomes is quite interesting for anyone. A good number of people turned up at the stall to know about the product details and to experience the game . To bring the stall, the product that is being displayed in the stall and also the details about the product like price, prototypes, rules of the game to come to the notice of the customers, we displayed bright and colorful posters in our stall and distributed flyers and rule books, mentioning every required details to our customers. We got mixed reviews of the product from the judges and module leader. Their insights on the product helped us to gain knowledge about the pros and cons of the product. We made this product after a lot of brainstorming but the real feedback from the judges helped us to realize the value of the product in true sense of the term. We were chosen as the 2nd best sales team. We were able to sell two games at the fair which gave us an idea of how real sales is done. We realized the sales techniques that work for customers as not everything work for everyone. The direct interaction with the customers helped us to identify the needs and desires of customers more effectively. The concept of staying healthy by playing a game interested many customers. The primary target customers were the children and parents whose children now spend more time on indoor games and different video games ignoring effects of long time exposure to screen time. Obesity among children is quite a common problem in the UK. Our moto was to design as game that would help such children with obesity and also their parents who were concerned about their children’s health.What made us think about this idea was the fact that people who are busy with work or children busy in studies do not get time to think about their health and also that the gaming industry worth billions has not ever thought of integrating health with gaming.

MARKETING Strategies followed for our product FunFit




I will like to share the marketing strategies used by us for the promotion of our product “Funfit” and what are the results we have received from such strategies.

According to the World Health Organisation, the rate of obesity all around the globe is around 13% , when compared within countries UK is having 62% and USA 39%. Based on this we started on doing surveys for research to find out the number of people engaged in fitness activities. Also, surveys were conducted indulging parents on their interest on their children’s health and interest levels of indoor games.


While doing the researches, we also had a chance to communicate to the people attending the Kingston Trade Fair and the Eden Street Trade Fair, regarding our product “Funfit”, where there were different view of people including both positive and negative.

This was a Direct Marketing procedure that we were following by doing market surveys by directly communicating with the people about the product and presenting their views regarding the same. This helped us to find out the level of the people’s interest in our product, what they expect from the use of our product and what are the things that can be included in the product. It was found that people were interested in the product as they could indulge theirs kids in fitness activities through this game and made the workouts interesting for them. It was also found that people who are not engaged in physical fitness activities are more interested for this product compared to the ones already indulged in such activities.




In the recent world, Internet and social media has become one of the main sources of marketing which has huge impact on people and they can be aware of the product at large as people are more addicte to mobile phones and internet. Therefore, for our product “Funfit” also we have used the social media platform to market the product. We have opened account in such a platform like Instagram, which we used as the main source of marketing the product through social media.




















This was the first product pitch, which I had to prepare myself for. As people have become prone to mobile phones and internet and due to laziness outdoor games are not seen to play by people. Therefore, this was the main reason we thought to promote a product, which will help people gain their physical fitness. The purpose to introduce this game was to increase the face-to-face communication between people and also to take care of the physical fitness of its buyers. If people of all age groups are physically active, they tend to be more fit, A person who is physically fit are kept away from many diseases as well. Thus, Funfit is thought to be created, to promote good health among the people.

Motive Behind Designing Funfit

Funfit is thought to promote a healthy life among people. As we know Health is Wealth for an individual. Thus, a good health along with it will help a person grow his confidence and motivation in his regular lifestyle and workplace as well.

About Funfit

I am sure the readers must be very excited to know about the game “Funfit” and about its characteristics as well. I will also give some information on how it is played zand what it looks like.

Funfit is a board game, which looks like any other board games. It is a 14 inches board, which after folding becomes of 7 inches. On both sides of the board it is fully printed. On one side, it is printed with the logo and on the other side, its printed with the game. To inform my readers, along with the board it a deck of 24 cards is paired with it. On the cards are printed are printed the different instructed images of exercises on it. So, the total game comes with a board, 20 cards, 6 tokens and one dice which are used while playing the game. The size of the cards are 2.23 x 3.50. I will also explain what it is made up of and how is it played.

Features of Funfit

I will tell my readers about the characteristic of the product and what it is made of. To make our product last long, we have made it of PVC (Polyvincyl Chloride) material with round edges. The product is thus durable, folding, sweat and waterproof and it is very simple to use and is compact. Therefore, it is very easy for users to use the product and also simple to understand.

How to play Funfit?

I will here explain the steps to play this wonderful fun game “Funfit”. In this game the player will firstly roll the dice. After rolling the dice, the roller comes with a number. Secondly, the roller, has to pick up a card from the deck of cards. Finally, the person has to do whaterver is instructed in that card, which he picked up. Thus, among the players, whoever is able to manage to complete all the tasks instructed in the cards give will win the game.

By indulging in this game, people will enjoy each others companion and also will be indulging in some fitness activities which will help them remain strong, active and fit.

My First Semester at Kingston University

What made me to come to London and Kingston University?

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-24 at 4.42.03 PM (1)

 After I had completed my graduation from Pune, India. I had joined with my dad`s business in Kerala, India. I was so happy working with him; he had taught me many things which none of my business teachers had taught. Doing PostGraduation was one of my goals and from my childhood, I had a wish to study abroad. This is because I had a big family in which most of the people work abroad. So after a few years of working with my father and with the experiences from it, I thought this is the right time to empower my knowledge and skills. Then I had discussed with my family and at the earlier, they were not happy with my decision to study abroad. But my mom supported me a lot and then the whole family approved. Getting all the sanctions from my close family members I had started applying to different Universities and finally, I had received my offer letter from Kingston University, London.

How I had pitched into my new ways of learning?

kingston estates refurbishment 2009

Everything was new for me the place, the harsh cold climate and way of learning at the University. Especially, back in India, we have exams in every term or semester, but here we have to face several assignments and live projects. All these create an initial challenging phase for me. But I had got some great advice from one of my brother’s friend Mr Nabeel who is a Professor at the University. Who had instructed a few guidelines and the pitch to the learning at University? I had spent most of my time at the library doing various activities of my course and learning new things.

Friends and classmates

This is the part of my University life which I can`t express my emotions with endless words. The bunch of good friends who helps and supports me a lot. We always share our thoughts and food. Even though I had joined a little bit late into my course I had got great support from my friends how to figure out my studies, especially from Rahath and Bettina who had supported me to pitch into the canvas and other learning material.

The game-changing modules and lecturers

We had three modules in the first-semester Entrepreneurship & Growth of Innovative Business which is taken by the Dr Evy Sakellariou FHEA FCIM Senior Lecturer Course Director, Management, Strategy and International Entrepreneurship is taken by Peter Martins da Silva Senior Lecturer, International Business and last but not least, the most brainstorming and innovative module of our course Design Thinking for Start-ups which is taken by Janja Song Module Leader, Course Director. Our University also supports students for learning the extra skills in the English language and a few foreign languages.

Assignments and the challenging phase

This was the time in which most of the students were worried and confused about how to figure out the things. We had got two assignments in the first semester, first assignment is Strategic Decision Making in International Entrepreneurship and the second assignment is Opportunities and Barriers for Innovative Business/Portfolio. During this I spent most of my time in the library, even I had spent a few nights doing my assignments at the library. The guidelines from the library team and the librarian were remarkable, they had supported us in figuring out the right choices for doing our assignments.

Notable lectures and the events at the University

Even though I had a few delays in the joining into my course, but luckily I had got chance to participate in the Hackathon Competition, we had a chance to visit design museum and the science museum in London. The guest speakers had taught about the IP rights and the briefing of the country Ireland. The classes by Janja how to redesign a shoe, Developed wheelit, made the product called healthy while you roll by Innouniverse team members for the Dragons` Den.

Union of Kingston Students

I was an active member of the University Union and had supported many events of the Union. Even though I had lost in the campus representative elections for 45 votes. I had got a very friendly relationship with Union President Mr Feisal and Mr Kamal who is the president of the International Students Society.

Teamwork and Yanya

This is the vital part of my learning which I had seen the real game-changing. The Yanya helped us a lot to understand the value of the teamwork and duties and responsibilities that every team member need to follow when you are in a team and I am thankful to Yanya for your support and coordination.

My First Teamwork at the University


During one of our design thinking for start-ups module lecture, our lecturer Miss Janja brought some craft papers to the class. Most of the students were curious to know why she had brought these things to the class. So she started with discussions on the reading topic that she had given to us, for this week. It was about the ‘The $3,000 Nike Air Max 97 ‘Jesus Shoes’ from MSCHF is the sneaker troll of the year’. If those shoes — godly kicks made by the great man himself — would be accurate in (the amended) John 3:16, it would be the $1,425 MSCHF “Jesus shoes.” A pilgrim Nike Air Max 97 was adapted by the Brooklyn based product design company: the Holy Water from the Jordan River (injected with sneaker bubbles and naturally hurt by a priest), Vatican-red insoles fragrant with Frankincense, a stainless steel crucifix and an inscription on Matthew 14.25. This was a Nike shoe story.


What Janja want us to do?

As we were thinking of the Nike shoe story, she had dumped the next task to us. She wanted us to go through our University premises and look at different shoes with different characteristics. The task never ends with this and we should have to pick up one of the best and nice speciality shoes from it.

Journey to find the best shoes

Although the Janja said a silly thing to find an interesting shoe, that wasn`t that much easy to find different design shoes. Most of the shoes were common in their features. We were sent in a team to see the shoes and in my team, I had got Hamza, Abike and Shivani.

We went to different people wearing different shoes and started to ask many questions about the features of their shoes. We went to the atrium of the Business School, library, but we couldn`t find the exact design of our choices. Finally, we had seen a student who is wearing a boot, who was heading to the university canteen. We guys ran and chased back of him and had stopped him for asking the speciality of his shoes, which he was wearing. The shoes were manufactured by a brand called Timberland. It was made up of leather and brown. The most attractive feature of that it is fireproof and waterproof. The faces of the team members show happiness, that we had founded a nice pair of shoe design.

The main challenge

All the team members were back into the class and started to share their shoe experiences with people in the class. Suddenly, the JanJa had emptied her craft box on to the table and asked the teams to design a prototype of a shoes. All the students were started to move on to the Janja`s table and picked up some papers and some sticky notes.


Building the prototype

As this was the first entry into making a product all the team members were stuck, but the talent and skill of the team members were so amazing. Finally, every team of the class had made their designs of the shoes and presented in front of the class and Janja. I will say that this was one of the best experience that I had got from my design thinking module and thanks Janja for making us do it.


Walking through the Science


One day our Entrepreneurship & Growth of Innovative Business Module lecturer Evy Sakellariou had informed our class that we are going for a visit to the Science Museum. This is to see the Special Exhibition on Artificial Intelligence: Driverless Who is in Control & Tomorrow’s World. In this module we were mainly focused on the innovation in the businesses, so most of us know that science plays a vital role in the innovations of the world.

All the students were asked to present there at the science museum by 10 AM on the 15th of October 2019 for the visit. On that day all the students were present for the visit. The opening timings of the Science Museum were from 10.00 AM to 6 PM.

As told before the museum had opened at 10 AM itself, as there was no delay on timings. Our lecturer guided us to the entry to the museum and she made us in different teams. In a team consisting of three members. In my team, I had got Hamza and the Mai. Then Miss Evy asked Mr Hamza for taking the photographs of our classmates and some of the collections of the museum.

Why Evy had made us in a team?


The reason behind the team formation is that Miss Evy needed us to create a small presentation about the innovative ideas make us strike our mind in the museum. For this, she had given us a questionnaire for explaining why is it relevant and for commenting on the advantages of those products in brief at the class.

The science museum is located at the SCIENCE MUSEUM, EXHIBITION ROAD, SOUTH KENSINGTON, LONDON. It was founded in the 1857—South Kensington Museum (SKM) opens on the site of what is now the Victoria and Albert Museum. Premises also host The Patent Office Museum, a collection of contemporary and historical machinery.


Watching the Exhibits

The science museum is filled with various articles from ancient times to the latest innovative artificial intelligence objects. It has got objects from various sectors, namely from Machines that were used for the manufacturing purposes in the olden times, which were used in the olden times, the Products from the Health and medical field, the innovations from the Information Technology. As a motor enthusiast, I was curious to know the automobiles and their innovations which were displayed at the Museum and I had stood near to it and was happy to take some of the pictures with it.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-04 at 11.23.45 PM (3)


What are the self- driving vehicles and how it works?

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-04 at 10.29.18 PM

They transport people, goods or equipment, as everyone knows, without a human driver or a pilot. We, people, use different senses to get around. Nevertheless, self-driving cameras and artificial intelligence are used. The senses of humans perceive the world. Their brains store large quantities of information for safe driving. The automobiles perceive the world utilizing their sensors. The AI of the car processes vast quantities of data for safe driving. The AI system consists of various forms of computer software. It is intended to develop solutions which are not designed in advance by software engineers. AI allows cars to respond to unpredictable situations in self-driving situations.







My pitch into the lean canvas

One day, our Professor of Design Thinking brought in some charts. She then started explaining that this is the Lean Canvas Model. Everyone began to think about how a Lean Canvas model works. This is how I had pitched into the Lean Canvas concept through my understanding of the class.

Lean Canvas is a 1page business plan template that allows you to deconstruct your concept with nine basic elements in your key assumptions. A Lean Canvas is designed to help you build a quick snapshot of your idea, share it with someone for feedback, and iteratively refine it, unlike a business plan that takes too long to compose, and more importantly, no one reads.

How the Lean Canvas came into existence?

Lean Canvas is tailored to the Lean Start-up Methodology with great emphasis on finding solutions for consumer challenges from the Alex Osterwalder Business Model Canvas.

The nine basic elements in the Lean Canvas

1. Identify the Problems

It is very important to determine problems. The challenges that people face are most of the time so large that they are obvious and not feasible. In this case, the problems must be addressed as well as current market solutions to the problems. These steps help us know if our problem is significant. 

2. Solution

A real problem has been found; we should find the right way to solve the problem.

3.Key metrics

It helps us to understand that our concept and solution function well, the main metrics are established as an indicator of our progress. Some of the key metrics are:

  • Number of new customers per month
  • Costs to develop product/service
  • Estimated life of product/service
  • Monthly marketing costs
  • Monthly maintenance costs

4.Cost structure

It is a listing of all variable costs and fixed costs. Cost structure problems are to be discussed here. How much does our business need to run in a month? How much does an analysis on the market cost? and so on. The costs and potential revenue streams can then be calculated from a rough break-even point.

5.Unique Value Proposition 

Unique value proposition is a clear message explaining the benefits of our product offering, which separates our product from the competition.

6.Unfair advantage

 A startup should always be able to see if it has an unfair advantage over other people or not. In various ways, unfair advantages will come from specialists, a dream team, insides, existing customers, etc.


The easiest way to access the consumer group is by using channels. The emphasis is on understanding the networks rather than worrying about scale in the first phases. Free and paid platforms can be used directly for reaching the customer. E.g. social media, trade shows, newsletters, CPC advertising, radio and TV, forums, webinars, posts, etc.

8.Customer Segments

The goal is to attract more than one set of clients, including engineers and accountants, it was observed that a toilet should be produced for each one. Problem Box and CS can be seen as intrinsically linked, i.e. without a consumer category, we can’t think about problems and vice versa. 

9.Revenue Streams

Model type decides your rating for our product. In the beginning, startups often lower their costs or even offer them for free. What is critical is that it delays or even fails validity tests. It was seen that people should be asked to subscribe to something for free, as they are more interested in free goods.